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District 131 believes that athletics are an integral part of the total educational experience for boys and girls. We encourage all student athletes to broaden their skills, knowledge and citizenship by participating in school-sponsored athletic teams.

Athletics within District 131 are designed to develop the physical skills, positive self-image, confidence, leadership, teamwork and work ethic of student athletes. Under proper guidance, athletics is a powerful educational force, particularly in the development of social, moral and physical qualities of today’s youth. 


Athletic Resources and Links

Concussion Information

East Aurora Concussion PolicyIHSA Concussion Information SheetIHSA Emergency Action Plan FormIHSA Post-concussion Consent Form


Insurance Information

2022-23 Student Accident Insurance Plans – English and Spanish



Simmons offers a variety of sports including: Football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, track and field, as well as cross country for boys and girls.

Cross country

Long distance running. A great way to get in shape and ready for any sport. Boys and girls, 6th, 7th and 8th grade are welcome. Cross country is a fall sport and will start at the beginning of the school year. No experience needed.

See Coach Mueller with any questions. There will also be a summer camp for those wanting some additional running!



Are you a 7th grader looking to be part of a team and work hard?  How about learn what a football family is and how strength is in numbers?  Or you simply want to be part of our football team and learn the game!  Our season usually begins two weeks before school starts and finish in mid-October….just in time for boys basketball or wrestling. We practice every day right after school and also will play at Simmons and a few other places.  Come any of these days or see Coach Trejo in Room #645 or Coach Hamilton in the Main Office with questions.  Hope to see you around!


13, 15, 16   Camp 9:00am-11:00am   


7-10     Camp 9:00am-11:00am       

14-17   Camp 9:00am-11:00am       

21-22    Camp 9:00am-11:00am  


Wrestling is offered as a winter sport for all students at Simmons. It teaches basic moves and continues to build on those moves throughout the season. No experience needed. The team competes in wrestling meets against numerous other schools in our district and the surrounding area.



Simmons Middle School enjoys a long and very successful soccer program. Our philosophy emphasizes individual growth, teamwork, and respect for all participants. We focus on improving the player’s physical fitness, soccer skills, and knowledge of the game. Teamwork is the foundation of this sport and players are encouraged to realize their skills and how they can utilize each other’s abilities to strengthen the team. We stress understanding for the complexity of the sport, which helps develop respect for the game, each other and our opponents. The program is offered to boys grades six through eight in the fall, and to girls grades six through eight in the spring. Due to the high interest in the sport, players do tryout for the team. Participants must maintain a passing grade in all academic classes to qualify for and to remain on the team.



6/7 Boys’ Basketball

Head Coach: Mr. Lassandrello

Ass. Coach: Mr. Smith

Boys’ basketball begins in October and ends in December. Students wishing to play basketball must try-out. Coaches are seeking student-athletes with good grades, exemplary behavior and athleticism for the basketball team. Any questions, see Mr. L.

8th grade Boys Basketball begins in mid-October with tryouts.  We are looking for student athletes who are interested in being a part of a team.  Students who tryout must have passing grades, positive attitudes and are willing to give it all both in practice and in games.  We will play around 15 games in a season including 2-3 tournaments.  Give us a shot.  If you have questions, come to Mr. Hamilton’s office.


6/7 Girls’ Basketball

Head Coach: Mr. Lassandrello

Ass. Coach: Mrs. Trejo

Girls’ basketball begins in January and ends in March. Students wishing to play basketball must try-out. Coaches are seeking student-athletes with good grades, exemplary behavior and athleticism for the basketball team. Any questions, see Mr. L.



In August 2013, Public Act 098-0305 took effect. This act requires the IHSA to be given a CPR/AED training video to post on its website so that staff /parents can watch. D131 encourages everyone to watch this important life-saving video.

Learn more about CPR/AED through IHSA video

Do you know what to do if someone collapses in front of you? East Aurora parents and staff are encouraged to view this short video and learn more about hands-only CPR and AED use. The video can be viewed at:

El Distrito 131 cree que los deportes son parte integral de una experiencia educacional completa para niñas y niños. Nosotros recomendamos a todos los estudiantes deportistas que amplíen sus conocimientos, habilidades y civismo participando en equipos deportivos auspiciados por la escuela.

Los Deportes dentro del Distrito 131 están diseñados para desarrollar las condiciones físicas, una positiva autoimagen, confianza en sí mismo, liderazgo, trabajo en equipo y ética profesional de los estudiantes deportistas.  Bajo una guía adecuada, los deportes son una fuerza educacional poderosa, particularmente en el desarrollo de cualidades sociales, morales y físicas de la juventud de hoy.  

Simmons 8to18 Site

Enlaces y recursos de deportes

Información Sobre Conmociones

Consentimiento y AceptaciónDistrito Política de ConmociónInformación de ConmociónPlan de Acción EspecíficoPost-Conmoción Cerebral



RCP- Resucitación cardiopulmonar (CPR), y Primeros auxilios (AED)

En agosto del 2013, la Ley Pública 098-0305 entró en vigor. Esta ley requiere que la Asociación de Escuelas Secundaria de Illinois (IHSA) proporcione entrenamiento por video de RCP y Primeros Auxilios, publicado en su página de internet para que los padres y el personal puedan verlo. El Distrito les recomienda a todos que vean este importante video que puede salvar vidas.

Conozca más sobre RCP/Primeros auxilios mediante el video de la Asociación de Escuelas Secundarias de Illinois

¿Sabes qué hacer si alguien se desmaya frente a usted? Se les recomienda a los padres y al personal del Este de Aurora que vean este corto video y aprendan como ayudar a brindar primero auxilios y a usar el Desfibrilador Externo Automático. Puede ver el video en: